Pro Tip: Don't touch 50 cent while he's performing.

During a live performance in a New York club 50 Cent got a little heated when a fan grabbed his shirt and decided to take matters into his own hands.

50 decided to pass the security barrier and get closer to fans while performing, but when fans got a little too aggressive 50 decided to show that grabbing on his shirt is not an option. When one fan decided to grab at 50, he retaliated by slapping back. In the next video you can see 50 return back behind the barrier and continue his performance.

I can understand wanting to be close to your fans, but you also have to understand that people are going to touch you. Maybe consider hiring better security or maybe stay behind the barrier where the stage is located. Was the fan out of line? Totally. Was 50 out of line for slapping? Yes. The reason there's a barrier is to protect you as an artist.

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