See if you would have thought this was the real Weezy like these hundreds of concert goers!

I'm not sure if this guy makes any money or not but he sure could get some groupie lovin'. He looks juuuuust enough like Lil Wayne to pass if you are a drunk, excited concert/party goer! Here at a stop on the "I am still music" tour, the Weezy double gets mobbed by adoring fans who think they have stumbled on the Young Money head honcho. Many Presidents have hired doubles to go into meetings, conferences before them to see if someone was going to shoot them scope out the scene. I wonder if Wayne is doing the same thing here, "Hey man go be me and see if some Crips wanna fight me because I've been acting like I was a blood"... "I'll let you pick any groupie you want". lol, all I know is this guy is loving his life right now.

The best part is if you listen to the video you can hear some girl screaming "That's not Lil Wayne"... She's right, but nobody cared. He better hope Weezy doesn't do something crazy to himself or get into an accident and lose an arm... Then what!?


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