50 Cent is getting his finances in order and he's starting with clearing up his $23.4 million bankruptcy repayment plan. The first order of business is to cough up $6 million out of the $7 million he was ordered to pay Lastonia Leviston, Rick Ross' baby mama, for the sex tape scandal.

FIf filed a bankruptcy repayment plan on May 17 in Connecticut that a judge has yet to approve. According to Bossip, the documents stated Leviston will get the lump sum in exchange for dropping her $7 million sex tape case against him. The G-Unit boss only has 30 days to pay up or Leviston’s original claim will be reinstated.

In addition to making an agreement to pay Ross' ex, the "I'm The Man" rapper is also shelling out $17.3 million of Sleek Audio’s $18.1 million suit he was ordered to pay once a judge found that he stole their headphone design. The collectors don't stop there. He also noted that he would pay the outstanding mortgage on his mansion, $1.2 million, to ASCAP for a royalty advance, up to $3.9 million to SunTrust Bank for supporting SMS Audio and close to $132,000 to Bentley Financial Services for his 2012 vehicle.

Just how does 50 plan on paying all of the debtors? He's got a plan for that too. According to the documents, Fif is expecting $75 million in a malpractice claim against the lawyers who repped him in the Sleek Audio case. He also plans on selling his $8.2 million Connecticut mansion and paying his debt with the cash he has left in the bank.

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