I just want to know what did this accomplish? I'm all for protesting and using your voice to spread your message, but screaming while walking through Target honestly makes you look more like an idiot and less like an "activist"

Facebook and social media has been flooded lately with opinions on the recent announcement that Target wouldn't be practicing 'bathroom laws' which caused a huge debate on transgender bathroom policy.

This mother of 12 decided to take the issue right to the store and express her opinion by having one of her 12 kids record video while she held a bible in the air and screamed “America, when are you going to wake up? It’s time to take a stand and have a voice.”

Again, I understand this is the land of free and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but its all about how you express it.

Oh and if I may add maybe this mother should worry more about birth control and less about what bathroom someone chooses to use.

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