Vimeo is holding its first ever "Vimeo Awards" for creativity and innovation in and online video.  They announced some finalists last week, and this project struck me as amazing.  The concept is so simple, but it really shows a lot about who we are as people.  Check out a couple of the videos below.

The Question is simple:

Where Would You Like To Wake Up Tomorrow?

There's something about the tone in the peoples voice that I like. They are almost immediately happy when they hear the question. The feeling of waking up is so refreshing, like you're starting over. Add the possibility of doing that anywhere that you choose and you can almost feel the joy come from their words. Here is the same project in Brooklyn.

There are two more cities, and a brilliant review of the complete project right now at This is definitely worth the 5 minutes that it takes to read. And most importantly it will change the way you are looking at the day.

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