Lil Wayne talks to some weird guy from Canada about Nicki Minaj's lap dance skills and how Steve Nash got the better dance from Nicki. He also talks about his early days rapping in New Orleans and how his original rap name was "Shrimp Daddy"... yea, I'm glad he went with Lil Wayne "Weezy" too!

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Lil Wayne is probably as big as it gets as rap artist so for him to do this 12 minute interview was shocking to me or the fact that I watched all of it! This guy interviewing him is extremely weird, his name is Nardwuar and if you wanna find out more of him go here. But one thing I'll give him credit for is that he did his HOMEWORK! I mean geez, this dude knew that Weezy's original rap name was "Shrimp Daddy"... and that he used to perform and met Baby at a local record store. He even know Baby's old pager and office number. That's crazy! Apparently Drake hooked this show up so that could be why he lucked out, either way it was weirdly entertaining.

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