They say tough times expose real friends and this seems to be the case for Troy Ave. While the details surrounding the shooting that left the Brooklyn rapper shot in the leg and battling an attempted murder charge still remain up in the air,  unlike many others, some rappers aren't so quick to write Troy off as guilty.  Rappers have come forth to express their belief that Troy fired off in self defense while others have posted in support of his new mixtape, Free Troy Ave, which dropped Monday June 6.

50 Cent was one of the first who stepped up to use his social platform to speak up. “Self defense, that’s more like it now,” 50 Cent wrote on Instagram in response to the allegations against Troy. “Hold ya head Troy. See how the story change.” Although Meek Mill and Troy Ave haven't really been tied to each other in the public eye, the Philly rapper who is often targeted by the police, also chose to serve his opinions on the ordeal. "The laws they made ain't designed to protect us!," Meek posted on IG. "They like get killed or get a 100 years" Don't let the press "gas" you to go against ya own people! Because if that was a cop Tryna protect his life the police force gone stand behind them 100% "Pic look crazy"#freetroy & never let these "bum ass nobody "sucka" crab in the barrel dudes pull you down! Most of the time it's all for attention.... that's all these bustas be wanting forreal!"

After remaining mum on the topic aside from a brief IG post, T.I. finally spoke up about Troy's unexpected shoot-out at Tip's headlined Iriving Plaza show. "Me, myself, I’ve got a lot of love for Troy, and I just think he has enormous potential," the ATL rapper told TMZ regarding Troy's fate. "He has his own relationship with God. All you gotta do is keep God first, and you can pull through it. Sometimes there are things that involve situations that go beyond what the eye can see. So for things like that, you’ve gotta step out on faith. And him being able to do that — hopefully that will make the difference.”

Maino additionally came forth to clear his name as well as show support and a few others MCs have stepped up too. Check it out above.