The holiday season has officially arrived and Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  And that means some awkward family dinners with conversations that might drift off into the land of politics.  So, what is your plan when everyone starts arguing about building walls, gun control, and other not fun conversations?

Hit them with those killer Thanksgiving facts and stop their political talk dead in it's track!

  • Someone brings up President Trump?  You just bust out the ole "Did you know that 10 hours and 33 minutes is the length of time the average American male would need to spend on the treadmill to burn the 4,500 calories consumed at the average Thanksgiving meal?"
  • Did you just hear someone say immigration?  Comeback with "Were you aware that there are 4 cities named 'Turkey' in the United States?"
  • Did a family member just comment on the Electoral College?  Hit them with the sad fact that 46 million turkeys are killed each year for Thanksgiving.  That'll shut them up and probably make everyone stare at you blankly.

Boom, you just defused a very sticky situation at your dinner table once the politics got brought up.  And if you need even more non-political talking points, we have 58 more in that infographic below, courtesy of


Source: WalletHub

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