A firestorm of outrage has erupted in Van Buren County following a social media post that to shows a man allegedly shooting a cat sniper style from the roof of his home. The reason given was simply because "cat's creep me out".

Below is a screenshot of the since deleted post on social media.


Outraged residents captured screenshots of the since deleted post and those screenshots have since been shared hundreds of times. We can not name the individuals involved because they have not been charged or convicted of a crime and it has not been confirmed by law enforcement that a crime has been committed.

Those familiar with the individuals state they live near Gobles. There are several reports from area residents stating their pet cats are missing but it is unknown if missing pets are related to any alleged sniper style shootings.

A call placed to Van Buren County Animal Control confirmed they were aware of the Facebook post and that all evidence they had has been turned over to the Van Buren County Sheriff's Department.

A call has been placed to the Van Buren County Sheriff's Department for comment, but they have not responded at this time.

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