6ix9ine has plead guilty to 9 counts of racketeering and it looks like he's doing whatever he can to reduce that looming federal sentence. Snitching will definitely help. 

So it's official, it's a wrap for 6ix9ine A.K.A Daniel Hernandez. He's taking a plea deal and pleading guilty to 9 counts of racketeering. From admitting to selling a kilo of heroine, to helping his former Treyway associates shoot at rivals. 6ix9ine and his legal team are preparing for the worst.

Now, from what I've gathered the minimum sentence he could face is 47 years. Jesus! That's half your life! No wonder his team is trying to cook up a deal with the Feds. This is a terrible blow for Hip-hop and the culture, say what you will about 6ix9ine but I would never want someone to loose their life to the prison system. And now it looks like 6ix9ine will be guaranteed to do some serious time.

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