Flint Mayor Declares State of Emergency Due to Gun Violence
Gun violence in Flint is out of control and Mayor Sheldon Neeley agrees. That's why early today during a press conference he declared a state of emergency against gun violence in the city of Flint.
What does this mean?
It means that the city will be able to provide a high level of resou…
Flint Is On The Path To Set A New Homicide Record
With the recent surge in violence over the weekend Flint is now on a course to set a new homicide record that was put in place back in 2012.
It's scary to think that things have only gotten worse over time and now 2021 could set the new record for homicides...
Double Shooting Over The Weekend In Flint Leaves One Dead
Police are investigating a shooting yesterday that took the life of one man and left another in serious condition.
The crime has gone up more and more after we've come out of lockdown here in the city of Flint. Recent reports are saying that crime is up a total of 33% which is just an insane per…
Flint Police Testing Out New Body Cameras
The Flint Police Department just got approval for some new toys that should help clear up any controversy when it comes to making arrests.
You see body cams on cops all the time online from trending videos. So the question is then, why did it take so long for us to get our hands on some...
Shots Fired On The Mackinac Bridge After A Road Rage Incident
Driving over the Mackinac Bridge can be nerve racking enough, but imagine hearing gunshots while you were on the bridge.
That's exactly what happened on Saturday, June 12th as the bridge was packed with weekend traffic. The Michigan State Police reported the incident and arrested one man afterwa…
Police Are Investigating A Body Found In The Flint River
Police responded to a call yesterday on the 400 block of E.Blvd Drive where authorities showed up and found a man that was later pronounced dead.
The police found the man in the river behind the Farmer's Market in Flint. The investigation is still ongoing and details are scarce...
4 Shootings In Saginaw Within 24 Hours
Saginaw saw a spike in violence yesterday with four shootings being reported within 24 hours.
Now, I'm from Flint and I'm no stranger to violence and things tend to get a bit more violent as the summer heat picks up. More people are out in the streets which means more opportunities for viol…

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