6ix9ine is expected to testify in the upcoming trial against his one-time fellow Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods members, and when he does, his family reportedly won't be present.

On Wednesday (Sept. 11), TMZ reported that the embattled rapper's family will not be in the courtroom as he testifies against his former associates Anthony "Harv" Ellison and Aljermiah "Nuke" Mack in their forthcoming trial. Ellison is accused of kidnapping 6ix9ine, and the rapper is set to testify about Ellison and Mack's alleged gang activity.

According to the report, 6ix9ine's family feels it's too risky for them to show up and support their loved one, especially because they believe other Nine Trey members will be in attendance as well. Though the rapper previously hired extra security to protect them, they reportedly still feel they may be attacked in the courtroom or followed home or harassed at the very least.

In addition to discussing the kidnapping details, court documents state that 6ix9ine—listed as cooperating witness 2 (CW-2) in the court paperwork—is expected to explain that his role in the Nine Trey was to "make money for the gang and distribute that money among Nine Trey members." He's also expected to speak on certain planned attacks and his involvement in other bits of gang activity.

The jury selection for the Mack and Ellison's trial is expected to begin on Sept. 16.

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