This will be the last Friday the 13th full moon for 30 years, so make sure you take some time to look up Friday night.

Just so we're clear, this isn't one of the crazy named moons like 'Blood' or 'Super Blood Red' or anything like that. It won't look much different than any full harvest moon you would normally see. The things that sets this full moon apart is that it happens on Friday the 13th, and it will be visible across the entire country.

Newsweek reports that this kind if moon is actually really rare.

The last time this happened was October 13, 2000, and it won't occur again until August 13, 2049

I had no idea that Friday the 13th and a full moon happening together was so rare. Everyone knows that there are a ton of superstitions around both events, but it hardly ever happens.

Another crazy thing is that we're in the middle of the last Palindrome Week of the century. I don't want to send anyone into a panic, but this many rare things happening all at the same time can only mean one thing.

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