6ix9ine once again wants the world to believe he is broke despite the fact that he remains all over social media flashing racks on racks on racks.

In an interview with TMZ Live that dropped on Monday (April 18), 6ix9ine admitted in a recent Instagram video, in which he can be seen flaunting $2 million in cash, that he used nothing more than prop money.

The admission to using the fugazi cash came when the interviewers asked Tekashi about the potential ramifications of flashing that kind of dough around. Especially since 6ix9ine recently told a judge that he doesn't have the $11.8 million that victims of a 2018 robbery are seeking in damages in a civil lawsuit due to his involvement.

"I ain't got it right now," 6ix9ine said. "I ain't got it, and that was prop money. I said I ain't got it."

6ix9ine then went on to explain that his reasoning for showing off the fake racks on social media is simply to entertain his 21.7 million followers.

"Like I said, I'm an entertainer, and obviously, we talking about it, so I did a pretty good job at entertaining people," he shared.

Throughout the course of the Instagram video in question, 6ix9ine can be seen walking around a few exotic sports cars and literally making it rain with what he describes as a cool $2 million in cash. He also explained that even though he was out of the game for two years, he still can afford to keep up with his lavish lifestyle and promoted his new music video for "Gine," which dropped on April 15.

"The Real King of New York, I'm back," wrote 6ix9ine in the post's caption. "Ask them post there house, they cars, they bank account. You don't live like this. I own everything, you guys lease. I took off rap 2 years. I could do that, y'all can't. The Real King of New York. Tomorrow Gine music video 3:00 PM eastern."

Back in March of this year, court documents showed that as the defendant in a civil lawsuit brought forth by the aforementioned robbery victims, 6ix9ine told a judge that he isn't making money off of his music and that he lives his life in fear.

Since making his return to the rap game and social media, Tekashi has been making a ton of waves throughout the industry, especially when it comes to Fivio Foreign. The "GUMMO" rapper recently took Fivio to task over his first-week sales for his debut album, B.I.B.L.E. He also called out the Brooklyn drill rapper's claims that he is the new King of New York.

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