Just like that the Federal Mask mandate for public transportation has been lifted and now you can travel with ease knowing that random strangers can no longer tell you what to do. 

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U.S. District Judge Kathryn Mizelle struck down the national mask mandate on public transportation in a court ruling on Monday declaring the mask mandate unlawful.


So the TSA will no longer enforce masks in airports or on planes. Source:WXYZ.com

I think this is a great move and finally a step in the right direction. As we've been dealing with this pandemic for the last 2 years now we've come to realize that COVID-19 isn't the death sentence we thought it was. With the development of vaccines and just good old fashion trial and error we've managed to get a good grasp on the things we should do, and what's just plain silly.

From the jump, I always thought the mask mandate was a silly option. Yea it can help reduce the mist that comes out of your mouth when you sneeze but, it's not really helping with anything especially if you're on a bus or plane. You're locked into a metal box floating through the air with strangers and you expect a mask to help you from catching a virus? That's similar to when the pilot tells you to tuck your head between your legs if the plane is going down. It's not because it will help you survive, it's just giving you something to do until it's over. So I'm super happy to see them finally give up on this mask mandate thing. Which in my opinion, was a huge waste of time anyway.

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