Hip-hop has shocked us quite a few times with unprecedented love affairs. Whether together for publicity or for real romance, some of the love affairs over time have proven to be more of a curse than a gift. A lot of the time, odd couples will pop up purely for popularity reasons leaving many to doubt the honest hook-ups that no one saw coming.

In 2004, Flavor Flav and Brigete Nelson were the hottest pair on the entertainment scene. Reality TV rebirthed their careers and apparently their love lives too. The two began dating on the set of Vh1's The Surreal Life. The show garnered record ratings for network and soon after, in January of 2005, the couple was given their own show, Strange Love. The series revolved around the brief love affair and if it would last, but by mid-2005, after one season, the couple split and Flav went on to film  Flavor of Love. To this day, many still believe there was never real love between the two and it was all crafted purely for the cameras.

That is just one example, as other strange couples like Eve and her husband, Maximillion Cooper, are obviously in it for more than entertainment purposes. The rap star married Max in June of 2014. In the gallery below, look over a bunch of odd couples we've seen over the years and decide if the love was real or faux.

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