I remember a little over 10 years ago there was an NBA player by the name of Jason "White Chocolate" Williams.

The moves he displayed were only seen on playgrounds, and the once popular "And1" basketball video tapes.

It was pretty safe to say that his moves would never be seen again in teh NBA, but that may all change 6-7 years from now.The 12 year old Jordan McCabe, who now resides in Wisconsin was first talked about on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Since then his has been drafted to the Harlem Globtrotters, has garnered 1,700 followers on Twitter and   3,200 likes on his Facebook.

Hopefully "The New White Chocolate" (his nickname that he earned because his basket ball game is similar to the original white chocolate Jason Williams.) will be able to stay focus and will be able to block out his new found fame.

Check out Jordan McCabe's basketball highlight reel.