Child birth is one of the world's most amazing things to experience for the mother and the father.  I always kid around about wanting 13 children when I get married but reality is, I am not ready for it.  A 23 year-old Czech woman broke a record by delivering the country's first quintuplets. 

Alexandra Kinova, the mother, delivered five healthy babies recently.  Kinova thought she was going to have twins but every time she went in for a checkup, the doctors added more babies.  In her final check up, Kinova found out she was having five babies at one time.

Kinova and the father conceived the babies naturally so this was a surprise to everyone.  The odds of having natural conceived quintuplets in 48 million to one.  After the successful deliverly by caesarean section, Kinova and the father welcomed four boys and one girl.

It does not seem like the father was prepared for five children at once.  The father talked to the local newspaper saying,

"I was crying all the way since I feared I would not manage it," he said. He eventually made it in time to witness the birth. “They are beautiful, but they look quite alike.”

“I hope this will change. They cried a lot, and I'm glad they're in good shape."

I think it is beautiful that the 23 year-old woman was able to deliver five healthy babies without any complications.  I can't help but wonder, how many kids are too many? In the past large families were a norm but is that still the case now?

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via Gawker