Can you imagine a city where every citizen lived the American Dream. A city where everyone was happy, carefree but most importantly everyone had jobs.

Basically the city and everyone in it was thriving all because of one company.

Have you ever heard the saying "Do not put all of your eggs in one basket," the same can be said about this once utopia, the American Dream slowly became the American Nightmare.

Laura Dimon has wrote an excellent article about this true to life rags to riches city, and then back to rags.

Everyone should know the history of Flint, Michigan, and nothing new is said but you can read how passionate she is, Flint's rich History, and how this city may have an up side.

Some of the facts are alarming:There were 80,000 GM jobs in the city of Flint, now there are 4,000, a third of the city is abandoned, the most shocking statistic in 2012 the City of Flint the murder rate was higher than Bagdad's.

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