Niagara Falls is closer than you may think, and if the awe inspiring water fall isn't enough for you, then the new life size Mario Kart track should top things off.

If you have ever used Groupon before, then you know that we get hit with a ton of Niagara Falls deals in Michigan. It seems like the falls are far away, but it's actually about the same distance as driving to Chicago from here.

The falls are amazing, and definitely worth the trip on their own. The city around the falls though has turned into an entertainment district. There are casinos, water parks, and now a life size Mario Kart race track. The track is located at the Clifton Hill resort, and it looks awesome!

The Niagara Speedway is scheduled to be open in the Spring of 2018. So next time you're planning a quick weekend roadtrip, maybe some real life Mario Kart should be on the agenda.

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