Meet A. Samuels -- better known as Allen Samuels and Atlantic City casino executive, and now; rapper! This guy has me asking one question: did he wake up one morning and say, 'I want to be a rapper'?

55-year-0ld A. Samuels is living the life with his newly released single 'Living De Life,' according to his website, Samuels music video:

"... received hundreds of thousands of views in the first days after its release, it was clear that the world was sharing in A. Samuels' mantra: Having money is nice, but only by working hard, playing hard and enjoying every day, can you truly be "Livin De Life."

After watching this video it will be hard not to make fun of this white collar rapper, his entourage is made up of an even older dude, a young guy that looks like Ali G and Samuels is dressed super hood in his tight ripped up jeans and white sweatshirt that fits him -- so hood!

I guess what this video teaches us you are never too old or too white to be an 'infamous' rapper. Enjoy!


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