The verdict came back guilty but instead of going to jail to await sentencing, Doctor Conrad Murray is in the medical ward at the L.A. County Men's Jail.

The reasoning behind the move is because there more deputies in that area than the general population.

The Doc has been labeled a "keep away prisoner" which means that officials are required to keep an eye on him at all times, for his own protection.

So why is a man who never threatened suicide on suicide watch?  Check out what Murray's attorney had to say.

Murray’s attorney confirmed that the doc is on suicide watch, but he had not threatened to harm himself in any way.

So is he in protective custody out of fear that other inmates might hurt him?  Murry is not facing a life sentence on November 29th, so it's odd that such special care is being taken with him.

MSNBC plans on airing a tell all documentary starring Murray on Friday.  See the details here.

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