Bill Wisth walked into 'Chucks Place' all you can eat fish Friday with an empty stomach, and left without filling it.

After the wait staff cut Bill off, saying that they were running out of fish he decided to take his case to the streets.

"It's false advertising," Wisth told TMJ4. "We asked for more fish, and they refused to give us more fish."

Fed up with his whining, workers gave him eight more pieces of fish to go, but it wasn't enough. Wisth called police -- a move that turned up no results -- and came back two days later with a picket sign.

"I think that people have to stand up for consumers," he said.

The eatery didn't change its policy for Wisth. Waitress Elizabeth Roeming said the man has been a problem for years, and has a substantial tab he hasn't yet paid off, the Associated Press reported.

Bill plans to protest the restaurant every Sunday until they let him eat, all he can eat!

Bill Fighting The Fish Fight

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