I have been going to the Dort Mall for as long as I can remember. Once I discovered Paradise Express - I was hooked. Where else could I buy Bon Jovi tapestries, Guns N' Roses pillows, and countless band t-shirts? Nowhere, only at Paradise Express.

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I was shopping at Dort Mall before the famous fish everyone is talking about now even lived there (totally aging myself). I am speaking of Charlie, the Dort Mall fish that has been swimming around in his 500-gallon tank for over 17 years. Charlie is leaving Flint, Michigan for greener pastures, I mean a bigger tank in Strongsville, Ohio.

According to WNEM, Charlie will be swimming around in a new 3000-gallon tank at the Ohio Fish Rescue. If you wanted to donate some cash toward Charlie, or any of the other pet fish or aquatic species there, go for it. They are a non-profit, so I am sure it would be much appreciated.

As for a new fish moving into Charlie's old tank, I would not hold your breath. As of now, Dort Mall owner Robert Perani has no plans to replace Charlie. I think he is pretty much irreplaceable anyway. It has been really cool to see all of the attention good ol' Charlie has been getting from news outlets and social media. He may soon be gone, but never forgotten.

Who knew I would be so emotional over a fish? Maybe I am being nostalgic over the fish I had as a child? My dad went all out, he bought me a good size tank, plastic scuba people and other BS to place inside of it, and quite a few exotic fish. I overfed them and they died within a week. The end.

Special thanks to Kiley Anders for permission to use her Charlie picture. 

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