Rolling Stones Magazine will pay homage to Adam 'MCA' Yauch with a cover and story in their next issue.  It has been three week since 'MCA' passed away suddenly due to his fight with cancer. The music community has lost a pioneer in Adam 'MCA' Yauch and Rolling Stones wanted to be the print magazine to show love.

Adam 'MCA' Yauch group members hasn't spoken about his passing collectively since his death and Rolling Stones has their  first interview.  Rolling Stones will drop the magazine on May 25th for everyone to read the cover story about the hip-hop legend.


The cover story includes the first interviews given by surviving Beasties Adam Horovitz and Mike Diamond, who address their grief and the question of what they will do now that their band is effectively over. "I'm totally confused," says Horovitz. "I'm walking my dog and I'll start crying on the street."

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