The Beastie Boys are back with their new album due out on May 3rd.  Hot Sauce Committee Part Two will be the first album from them since before CD's.  It would be more than easy to take shots at the Beastie's, that is until you hear the music.  Just to make sure everyone knows they are about having fun, and great music they put out a mini movie promoting the new album.  We'll run down the celebrity check list below.

Did you see the actual Beastie Boys? They made the cameo as the cops a little over halfway through the video. The guest list is huge in this video, but more importantly it shows that Ad-Rock, MCA and Mike D still get it. They know how to stay relevant.  A perfect example is when a clean version of the album leaked early.  They posted this quote and leaks on their website.

Good people, unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, the "clean" version of our new album, The Hot Sauce Committee pt 2 has leaked. So as a hostile and retaliatory measure with great hubris we are making the full explicit aka filthy dirty nasty version available for streaming on our site. We hope this brings much happiness, hugs, and harmony. Enjoy Kikoos for life!

I am one of those people that attaches memories to music, so to hear The Beastie Boys new album takes me to another place.  Even though most of the sounds are extremely different, there's something very familiar about it.  Listen to the album here, as well as pre-ordering it or one of the exclusive packages.

Here is the full version of the video song, in case the psychedelic trips got in the way of your listening enjoyment.

I'll end on a bold sweeping statement.

The Beastie Boys did more for introducing rap into mainstream America than any artist. Do you agree?

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