The Do-Over JoBlo Movie Trailers via YouTube
The Do-Over JoBlo Movie Trailers via YouTube

Adam Sandler is back with another movie, but instead of going to theaters, it looks like we can just stay home and watch it on Netflix. Over the last few years, Adam Sandler has made some not so great movies. But for some reason this one seems different to me. I am far from a movie expert, in fact when it comes to movies I should probably wear a dunce cap.

But I have a pretty good feeling this movie will be more of a hit than a miss, instead of Sandler's usual kiddy comedy, this seems to have more of an adult humor.

For Adam Sandler's sake I hope this movie is successful, and from this trailer it looks like it will have you laughing from beginning to end, as two down on their luck guys fake their own deaths and get into even bigger trouble.

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