Internet Fails [Video]
I use to think that people in general (it didn’t matter what color, nationality, religion, gender you were) were intelligent. I use to think the human race were the most intelligent beings in the universe.That was until the late 90’s when I stumbled onto the inte…
Adam Sandler’s ‘The Do-Over’ [Video]
Adam Sandler is back with another movie, but instead of going to theaters, it looks like we can just stay home and watch it on Netflix. Over the last few years, Adam Sandler has made some not so great movies. But for some reason this one seems different to me.
Kid’s Funny Reaction to Cast on His Arm [Video]
It is a fact that all kids are rambunctious and full of energy. They do things with out thinking or even having an idea that there will be a consequence. In certain cases they don't have to because they are kids and they will bounce, especially when it comes to injury.
News Report Blooper [Video]
If you have ever worked in TV or radio then you were once starting off somewhere and you probably weren't that good. Hell I've been doing this for a few years and I mess up all the time.
Diet Racism Commercial [Video]
I really wish this was a real commercial because I would DVR this and watch it constantly. Because this is genuine pure comedy. Also, its a little true.
Redhead Fail Compliation [Video]
For some reason it seems like redheads are always looked down on.
Whether by saying the phrase get beat  like a red headed step child or "gingers have no soul' they are the butt of EVERY joke.
Tatyana Ali Appears On The Eric Andre Show [Video]
On this show that is purposely made to look low budget, Eric Andre interviews the very beautiful Tatyana Ali and talks about how he supports the troops.
Eric Andre's sidekick Hannibal discusses how he "Supports the Troops" as a concept but not individually because they might be…
Kevin Hart Has a New Cartoon [Video, NSFW]
Kevin Hart has to be the most successful comedian since Eddie Murphy.
Part of the reason he is so successful is because he talks about things that are all common to us, family.
Everyone in the world has a dysfunctional family whether we like to admit it or not.
Old Ladies Twerk Like Miley Cyrus [Video]
Twerking has officially become a national phenomenon.
Everyone is doing it from young to old, and since everyone is doing it, why wouldn't you?
These old ladies, are hilarious and understand the essence of twerking.

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