The sneaker of the day goes to the ladies with the Air Jordan 7 Retro ‘Olympic.’

This Saturday, the Air Jordan Retro ‘Olympic’ 7s will return in full family sizes.  That means the entire family will have a chance to wear the coveted Jordan Brand release that hasn’t returned to us in 8 years.  Ladies, this sneaker would look great your feet.

I have to be honest, women who rock sneakers just as well as they do heels is crazy attractive.  In my perfect future, my wife will enjoy sneakers and heels.  I don’t know why it is attractive to me but it is.  Women who rock sneakers will get my attention before the woman in heels.

I think I just grew up seeing women in heels so much that I kind of don’t recognize them as quickly as I would the sneakers on her feet. Ladies, switching up the foot game could be beneficial.  Check out the Air Jordan ‘Olympic’ 7s.  via SneakherBox