This Alabama prison isn't what the movies tell you what prison is. Cell phones inside the pen? You get to just do challenge videos and hang out with other inmates all day? That's allowed?

Prison is not fun. Getting locked up for 5 years, 10 years, or even life isn't suppose to be a good time. From the looks of it though, it doesn't seem that bad if you get sent to this Alabama prison.

I have a couple questions....

1. How did a prisoner get a phone inside?

2. Why is an inmate smoking what looks to be a joint?

3. Where do I sign up to hang out all day recording videos with my inmate friends and get three meals a day?

It's crazy that this is a PRISON yet it looks like just a normal day of hanging out with friends, smoking weed, and doing funny challenge videos.

In all seriousness though they should get longer sentences for filming this challenge vertically.

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