Jaye Thomas escaped the U.S. Penitentiary in Atlanta to meet up with his two girlfriends and then sneaked back into jail like nothing happened. Wait What!?

So I have a few questions running through my head on this one. First, how did he escape in the first place? Second, why did he come back? Third, does he still have two girlfriends now that this story was made public? Probably not, but nonetheless how did this guy break outta prison 3 times!? Once is amazing enough but this guy is on David Blaine's level when it comes to escaping.

Now since the incident, he has more time to face (Duh).  But the real victim's here are his two girlfriends. Can you imagine your boyfriend being locked up, he breaks out to come see, then gets caught and you find out he was seeing another chick as well! Well bro you can say goodbye to that nice commissary.

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