In celebration of the 10th anniversary of her 2007 album As I Am, Alicia Keys gifted fans with an unreleased track, “When You Were Gone.”

On the dramatic song, the Grammy-winning singer questions a former lover who is trying to come back into her life.

"When you were gone did you think of me? / When you were gone did you think I would be waiting for you the way that I have been? / When you were gone were you wondering how I was doing was I fine? / Know you was always on my mind / When you were gone, did you think of me?" she sings.

Keys provided a short letter about the song. She wrote, "Celebrating the anniversary of one of my favorite albums As I Am! 'When You Were Gone' is one of the VERY first songs recorded for As I Am, the one where I started to create the sound that the album has. We were experimenting with a lot of keyboards and sounds and styles of recording, and we were all about breaking boundaries and writing things in new ways."

Listen to "When You Were Gone" above and watch Keys' "No One" video below.

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