We don’t have a trailer for Alien: Covenant yet (she wrote, wth a frustrated sigh) but we’ve been getting plenty of images from the folks at Fox that seem to be teasing a trailer release. The latest one, released through the “Alien Anthology” Twitter account, features one of those fun dark hallways that xenomorphs love to lurk in while they’re hunting their human prey.

It also contains one of those pesky number codes. The only sequence from this one that makes sense is the last four: “2104,” which is the year in which Covenant is set, ten years after the events of Prometheus. But what do the other eight numbers mean? If they correspond to a December trailer release, then the “12” could refer to that, but none of the other numbers match an upcoming December date this year. Is it a timestamp within the trailer itself, meaning that this shot occurs some number of seconds into it? It could be a date and time within the movie: this scene could occur on December 8th, in the year 2104, at 18:56 (or 6:56 pm). Prometheus was also set around the holiday season, so this one could follow suit, with the events happening exactly ten years later.

We just don’t know for sure! And we won’t know until the trailer arrives, which is hopefully very very soon, given the frequency with which these new images have been cropping up. Alien: Covenant will hit theaters October 6, 2017.

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