Watch and see if this sighting is a hoax, or something real!

Now today is Easter and I am a Christian so like many people I was at church. I enjoyed time with my  family and Easter Service. Now I get home and am doing some looking around the web and this is what I find. On 4/20 somewhere on the Ivory Coast in Africa there was a video taken of  the sun setting and then there is an object that appears. People starting spreading the video around the web and everyone is forming their own opinions. I myself don't know what this is, but do think its a little spooky. I don't believe it's Mary, just because if there was to be someone that God sent back I'm not sure it would be her. But it does appear to be something. It could have been a shadow, or an object from the sky, not sure but it will be discussed for a few days for sure.

skip to 1:30 in the video.


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