The group 'Mercy For Animals' will have a very graphic display at the Davison Road McDonald's in Flint today at Noon.

Customers will be greeted by a 7 foot tall chicken, with a bloody wing, slit throat, and other open wounds.  The chicken is better known as 'Abby The Abused Chicken' and is meant to prove a point.

The group claims that an investigation has shown that McDonald's is not practicing humane ways of slaughter for their chickens.  They produced an undercover video that you can watch here.  Just a word of warning though, that the video is very graphic and somewhat disturbing.

The group is hoping that the fast food chain will change their practices, and McDonald's has said they are already phasing out cages for egg producing chickens.

The protest is supposed to begin today at Noon, and will no doubt cause quite a controversy.

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