I was just typing out the following sentence not too long ago - 'I need to start playing the lottery, especially scratch off tickets.' Someone is going to win, why not me? Why not you?

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A Bay County man recently hit it big on a $10 dollar Wild Time scratch off ticket. The 34-year-old man won $500,000 dollars! The winning ticket was purchased at Sunrise Store on East Wilder Road in Bay City. Who am I kidding, I did not have a chance at that ticket. I cant' remember the last time I was near, or in Bay County. I need to get out more.

However, according to ABC 12, there are still winning Wild Time tickets out there, as much as $36 million dollars in prizes. Hmmm, I may be stopping to buy a ticket after work. You can't win if you don't play. You can also lose when you play too I guess.

I can't be the only one who is noticing quite a few Michigan Lottery winners lately. At the end of July, a Flint man scratched his way to $2 million dollars. Can you even imagine looking down at your ticket and seeing that hit? I sure can.

I think most of us know what we would do if we won the lottery - things like buy a new house, new cars, pay off bills, etc. Those things are a given. What I wonder is if you would stay anonymous. Would you? I am undecided. I am sure if you hit for hundreds of millions of dollars, you would have people coming out of the woodwork to ask for a handout.

If I won, I mean WHEN I win - I will most likely go public. I would just change my number after the fact.

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