ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI

Another huge sinkhole has opened up in the streets of Flint this week.  A closer look at this sinkhole actually gives us a few clues as to why it happened.

The sinkhole opened up on Dupont Street, near Lyndon Avenue and not far from Pierson Road.   ABC12 is reporting that the sinkhole is three to four feet wide and nearly 10 feet deep!

This is the second sinkhole to open up on the streets of Flint this Spring, and just like last time, road crews have roped off the area.  The city has said it is aware of the hole, and will figure out how to fix it soon.

UPDATE:  The actual cause for this sinkhole may have actually been found.  Most people blame heavy rains, and a harsh winter for the many random sinkholes in the area, but this picture may provide a different answer.  Look closely, and see if you can find the new evidence. . .