Wednesday, March 8th is 'A Day Without A Woman' and women everywhere are making their presence felt through absence.

'A Day Without A Woman' is the first major event to come from the women's march that happened in January. The day without a woman is meant to show everyone the important role that women play in our society.

Women around the country are encouraged to take the day off, and not spend any money, to show the economic power that women hold in America.  The organizers of the day say that they were inspired by the 'Day Without An Immigrant', and it just made sense to hold the event on International Women's Day.

The organizers have asked that women use #BeBoldForWomen to show the world the important role that women play in our society.

It's been well documented that women are still one the short end of the pay gap, and often are over looked for management positions they they are qualified for.   The median income for women was $40,742 in 2015, compared with $51,212 for men, according to census data.

Thousands Attend Women's March On Washington
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In anticipation of the day, some school districts have closed their doors in support.

Are you planning on participating in 'A Day Without A Woman'?  Our workplace is pretty evenly split between men and women. I fully admit that there is absolutely no way we could function if every woman were suddenly gone.  We do have some women participating, and we support them 100%.

I just wonder how it has gotten to this point. How have we gone on so long with it being acceptable for our mothers, wives, daughters, and all women to be treated as second class in so many situations?

I salute all women taking part in the day without a woman today, but I also salute those choosing to work or show their worth in other ways today.

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