All you can really do is scratch your head.  An Arkansas dad is upset that his son's teacher accidentally showed a sex tape during class.  Usually the mom would up angry but a father isn't taking this incident lightly. 

On Wednesday, a Forest Heights Middle School teacher gave an unexpected sex education moment when her sex tape aired in class.  The teacher has come forth to apologize and admit the tape was of her and her fiance.  Nicolar Tolerson is the angry dad.

You would think the dad would pat his son on his back to celebrate the mishap but he's not happy at all.  Tolerson wants some accountability to be demonstrated in this incident after his son came home detailing what happened.

"(My son) says she was performing sex acts," Tolerson told KARK-TV. "My heart goes out to not only my son, but other kids in the classroom."

The teacher called the parents of the students to apology.  Tolerson accepted her apology.