After months of protests and civil outrage, the Army Corps of Engineers announced Sunday (December 4) that the Dakota Access Pipeline will not be allowed to cross the Standing Rock Sioux reservation and instead will be re-routed, CNN reports.

In the wake of the encouraging news, stars like Katy Perry, Rose McGowan, Pharrell, Lana Del Rey, Shirley Manson of Garbage and more shared messages of hope, gratitude, relief and excitement on Instagram and Twitter.

"Proof that your voice actually matters," Perry tweeted, a sentiment that was echoed by Pharrell, who said, "Solid proof that people coming together can change things for the better."

Meanwhile, actor Mark Ruffalo shared an emotional, jubilant video on Instagram, while actress Sophia Bush celebrated with a tweet touting the power "peaceful resistance."

The decision comes just days after a collection of over 100 musicians signed indie pop artist Kate Nash's open letter to President Obama.

See celebrity reactions across social media, below:

These Stars Stand With Standing Rock:

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