Artimis and Tree have been coworkers now for almost a year and 1/2, but due to a recent disagreement on Facebook the two are no longer "Facebook Official".

Sometimes in life people just can't seem to keep the friendship flame burning. That's exactly what happened between Artimis and Tree. Without getting into too much detail, Artimis got offended when Tree made an inappropriate comment on one of Art's statuses and Art asked Tree to unfriend him. Artimis then got upset when Tree actually did unfriend him. Since then its been a very hostile work environment.

Artimis challenged Tree to a Wii Bowling competition. If Artimis won, Tree would have to add Art back on Facebook. If Tree won, this video would be posted for all the world to see how much Artimis sucks at Wii bowling. Obviously as you can see, Tree won. WIll they ever become friends on Facebook again? The world may never know.

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