You've waited and waited for the McRib to return and now that it has don't disrespect it by just eating it!  You need to get creative with it, and make it your own, read below for a couple ideas.  The McRib Double Down is a perfect example of great taste and logic coming together.  If one McRib tastes great, then two will taste even better!  Combine that with some fries and whatever else you have nearby, and you can't lose.


Maybe you don't have a flip top head and aren't sure if you can handle the McRib Double Down.  Try something a little easier to digest, like the McRib Shake!  It's boneless, barbecue goodness that you can enjoy with a spoon.  (or a very wide straw)

I hope these examples inspire you to take advantage of the short time we have with the McRib.  Before you know it, McDonald's will lock this pork perfection up till god knows when.  If you would like to email me some of your McRib suggestions, please do at

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