Parking in Detroit will be a little easier in the future thanks to an automated project happening right now.

The project is a collaboration with Ford, Bosch, and Bedrock that will hopefully reinvent the way we park in cities like Detroit. I can't speak for everyone, but one of the biggest drawbacks about going to Detroit is parking. Knowing that you're either going to drop a small fortune to park kind of close or struggle to find a spot within a mile that isn't crazy expensive.

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This project if still a long way from becoming a part of everyday life, but the video above shows how easy it will make things. The three main things needed are a vehicle with autonomous capability, the app to control it, and a smart garage. Obviously we have all of these things already, but getting them all to work together is going to be the struggle.

Ford isn't the only company working on technology like this, and a Tesla twitter account made sure to let them know about it.

Honestly, I don't care what company develops the autonomous parking first. I will support a Tyco "I Can Park" car if it means I don't have to do it in Detroit or other big cities.

This is the kind of technology that will make things so much easier, and when it's combined with better mass transit, it will revolutionize the way big cities work. Imagine parking on the outskirts, and taking a pod to your destination in the city, without any traffic or delays. That's on the way, and it can't get here soon enough.


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