Azealia Banks decided to stir up a little something with a new nude pic she shared on Twitter today (Sept. 18). When things get too quiet, you can always count on Banks, and the controversial rapper posted a topless pic from a photo shoot.

Banks posted the pic with a simple caption: "Make me over Kunts."

She also hyped her Halloween Mermaid Ball and asked fans to use the nude photo to make their own flyers for the Ball. Banks shared pics from this same shoot last month.

"A leak from my escapades photoshoot with @dannymichel," she posted on Instagram back in August. "I took a load of photos for it and to collaborate with @bymaxwell on the final artwork. Super excited about this. #escapades."

Banks has never been shy about baring all. She posed for Playboy in 2015. In the accompanying interview, Banks was asked if she was at all apprehensive about getting naked on camera.

"No, I love getting naked," Banks explained at the time. "It’s so funny, every time my manager arranges a photo shoot, I’m like, 'Let’s do a nude photo!' And everyone’s like, 'Oh, Azealia, you’re always trying to bring your butt out.' Posing for Playboy was a no-brainer. I was like, 'Yes! They want to see me naked.'”

You can peep Banks' nude pic here.
You can peep her Instagram pics from August below.

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