Man Writes a Hilarious Song [Video, NSFW)
Apparently you can write a song about anything and the song doesn't have to be bad. Next to "Can I Get a Box" this is this is the best song I've heard over the summer. I don't want to get into specific details but this song is about the aftermath of eating Mexican fo…
Good God with God Featuring Batman [Video,NSFW]
If you talk to comic book readers the majority of them are Batman fans, and if you come up with a dream match with any superhero versus Batman, it seems like they will always have the Dark Knight as the victor. When you ask "why" the answer is always "because he's Bat…
Internet Fails [Video]
I use to think that people in general (it didn’t matter what color, nationality, religion, gender you were) were intelligent. I use to think the human race were the most intelligent beings in the universe.That was until the late 90’s when I stumbled onto the inte…
Arby’s Employer Describes Car Accident [Video]
When I ever I watch the news and they pan to an eye witness, I usually cringe because I know I will be seeing some ignorance. Well, in this case it is the exact opposite, this is pure comedy. During a news report a witness tells what he saw when an old lady crashes into Arby's in the middle of …
Thug Kitchen Cook Book [Video NSFW]
I don't know about you but I am not getting younger and as I see some of my elders getting up in age and their health is deteriorating, it is a scary sight to see especially if some of the conditions/symptoms can be preventable .
Diet Racism Commercial [Video]
I really wish this was a real commercial because I would DVR this and watch it constantly. Because this is genuine pure comedy. Also, its a little true.
Dead Girl Pranks People [Video]
There isn't a better natural high than to be scared out of your mind. There is something about not being able to control the situation that is both, terrifying and the greatest fear in the world. It is even better when the emotion of fear is genuine.
Jeff Asks Pinky Out On a Date
Pinky-FacebookSweetest Day is here today and everyone in the state of Michigan is getting ready to romance their love ones.
The people who aren't as fortunate to find a date, will try to play it off as just another day.
Ice JJ Fish Debut Rap Single [Video, NSFW]
Not only does Ice JJ Fish sing, as well as dance, now he has decided to express himself through rapping, and has made a video for his "official video".
Along with his single his debut album is set to be released July 30th (which is a little over a week away).

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