My family visited the Beyond Van Gogh exhibit in Detroit recently, and it is an incredible, immersive experience that everyone should see.

I've always been a little intimidated by art exhibits, mostly because I'm not the most artistic person. I never know how long to stand in front of a painting or work of art, and I worry that everyone else can see something I'm missing. Even with all that angst, I knew that I wanted to see the Van Gogh display when it was announced.

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When the Van Gogh exhibit was announced it felt like the perfect way to enjoy his story and art, without feeling like an art poser.

The immersive digital canvas style of the display makes it possible for everyone to learn about Van Gogh and appreciate his work. When I say everyone, I mean everyone. The moving displays in the second room of the exhibit are incredible. The art jumps out of the walls and floor to make you feel like you are actually a part of it.

Look at the video above, and just know that there is no camera phone that will ever do it justice. Somehow the creators found a way to take an already iconic painting, and bring it to life.

Each work of art had some sort of digital enhancement that you had to watch to notice. The enhancements didn't take anything away from the original art, but it definitely helped people like me take it all in.

I have to admit that when we first walked into the exhibit I was a little skeptical. I quietly thought to myself, "How are they going to put all this stuff into just two areas?" It didn't take long for me to understand how.

The video above shows just one of the many transitions they use to go between themes. They actually used Van Gogh's art to transition from one theme to another, and it wasn't just on the walls. The art moved above us, below our feet, and with the music . . . it felt like it moved right through us.

Van Gogh was an extremely troubled artist, and eventually ended his own life. The first part of the exhibit does a great job of showing Van Gogh's life leading up to that. Letters, quotes, and statements from Van Gogh are featured on digital canvases over his art works.

Check out a few pictures from the Van Gogh display below, but just know that the pictures do the actual display no justice. I highly recommend grabbing tickets to Van Gogh Detroit here.

Immerse Yourself In Beyond Van Gogh Detroit

The Beyond Van Gogh display at the TCF Center in Detroit is an immersive experience that everyone should try to see.

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