Bhad Bhabie has some harsh words for Skai Jackson.

On Monday (Feb. 24), the outspoken rapper called out the actress on social media amid a feud of which its origins aren't entirely clear. In a series of posts and videos, Bhabie called Skai a "Disney thot" and alleged that she is "moving sneaky."

"I wanna know why every time I'm seen with a dude, bitches wanna get all up on they page?" Bhabie said in an Instagram Live stream. "The bitch is a huge fan! You're a whole fan! She’s moving sneaky bro! Don’t go post about me on your fake page, bitch. If you got something to say about me, post it on your page. Show me you fucking bold! The bitch got me blocked on Instagram, blocked on Twitter, all type of shit. Like bitch, grow up!"

Bhabie then seemed to insinuate the "sneaky" moves are over men that the rapper is associated with, and threatened to kill the actress if she keeps it up.

"That shit don’t sit right with me. That shit don’t sit right with me at all!" Bhabie exclaimed. "I don’t like that shit! You don’t even know if I’m talking to dude or not. You just seen on us The Shade Room so now you wanna go run and like his pictures. Bitch I’ll kill you!”

On Tuesday (Feb. 25), Bhabie continued speaking on the situation in a series of IG Stories.

"Call me a trouble maker or whatever you wanna call me but unlike you scary hoes I'm all about my respect and if I feel disrespected imma make it fucking known," she wrote. "So y'all telling me it's okay for someone to play the innocent role in front the main crowd but in real life they making finsta accounts to talk bad about ppl they try and b like so bad?!"

Skai seemingly responded to the drama on Twitter with a subliminal message, making it clear that she isn't interested in engaging in a back and forth.

"No time 4 negatives!" the actress wrote with a list of her latest accolades that include finalizing a makeup deal and recording an animated series for Netflix.

XXL has reached out to Skai's management team for comment.

This comes just slightly over a month after Bhad Bhabie announced she'd be taking a break from social media for her mental health, as she'd been berated for culture appropriation for wearing box braids and then called racist after responding to the backlash.

As for Skai Jackson, this is not her first beef with a rapper as she previously went back and forth with Azealia Banks online back in 2016.

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