Today (Oct. 9), NPR unveiled their latest video in the Tiny Desk Concert series, and this time they had an Atlanta legend bless the staff with some classic Southern hits—Big Boi.

"Good afternoon," Big Boi began. "We have come from the planet of Stankonia to give y'all three big songs behind a tiny ass desk."

Backed by longtime collaborator Sleepy Brown, a DJ and a host of vocalists and instrumentalists wearing Trap House hoodies, the OutKast lyricist opened the set with a soulful rendition of "So Fresh, So Clean," a standout single off their 2000 effort, Stankonia.

They then dove into "All Night," the first track he's released under Hitco, L.A Reid's new company and record label. "If it's all right, I wanna kick it with you all night, all night/Have a good time, ain't gotta worry 'cause it's all right, it's all right," they sang.

Fittingly enough, Big Boi capped the three-song concert with OutKast's Hot 100, chart-topping single, "The Way You Move." Big Boi and his crew danced along to the beat as Sleepy Brown provided his soothing vocals. "The Way You Move," arguably their biggest single aside from "Hey Ya!" and "Ms. Jackson," can be heard on Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, his and Andre 3000's fifth studio album.

Big Boi has a string of shows scheduled across the country in the coming weeks, where he'll no doubt perform more singles from OutKast's illustrious reign and newer tracks from his 2017 effort, Boomiverse.

Watch Big Boi perform some hip-hop favorites below.

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