Big K.R.I.T. shows off his production skills with a live demonstration you have to see to believe.

Krizzle got real creative for Mass Appeal’s video segment “Rhythm Roulette,” picking three records at random while blindfolded and turning them into a completely new song with a trio of samples - and vocals too. Filmed at Sweet Melissa Record Store in Atlanta, Krizzle got cooking, mashing up classic beats for a new musical concoction.

After choosing his three LPs - Im Yours by Linda Clifford, Waking Up With the House on Fire by Culture Club and a self-titled Seatrain vinyl, K.R.I.T. heads to the studio and goes to work. Playing all three records, the Mississippi native figures out which parts he wants to sample, comments on the dope throwback sounds ("you could get everything you need from a keyboard back then") and then chops up the beats for something completely new. He even adds some keystrokes of his own. But K.R.I.T. wasn't done there. The "Soul Food" rapper goes the extra mile by hopping in the booth and dropping a verse and a hook to the beat he just created. Master at work is an understatement. Check out Young Krizzle's skills in action in the video above.

The former XXL Freshmen produced on ten of the 15 tracks off his 2014 album Cadillactica. Aside from the album's inventive story line of a space odyssey, Cadillactica was hailed for its spacey, transcendental production. As of late, K.R.I.T. has been working with BJ The Chicago Kid and Nick Grant.

Watch K.R.I.T. do his thing in the lab above.

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