Birdman has been wanting this car which is rumored to be the most expensive car ever bought for a while. Well now it seems that the rapper and record label owner has gotten it. It's an $8.7 million Maybach!

Man this might offically make him the #1 stunna for the rest of his life! He now has a car that is worth more than me and you and 4 other people will probably ever make in our lives! Just for a car which I know he has like 20 other ones. Man I'm not judging him but I swear there has to be other things he could have done with his time. He tweeted about his new whip on his twitter page. This is less than a year after he bout a $2 million red Bugatti Veyron. Man to have this much money is just insane. Life must be good. What do you think, did he spend too much. He could have helped the whole New Orleans school system with that kind of money!

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